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Favorite Protein Smoothie

On a recent visit to Target, I spotted a new protein drink mix called VEGA and decided to give it a try.  It is plant-based, gluten-free, and no sugar added.  Even better, it has only 80 calories and 3 carbs and tastes GREAT.  I am in love 🙂 So much so, that I made two of these smoothies yesterday.  One for lunch and another for a snack.  It is available in five flavors and if you do not have a Target near you, you can order them online at Amazon* for the same price or less if you are a Prime member.

You can mix them with water or, for a change, mix with coconut milk like So Delicious Coconut Milk* which adds an additional 45 calories.  Or you can add fruit to the fruit flavors or various flavors and sweetener of choice to the unflavored one.  The options are endless and on these warm summer days, I mix them in the blender with ice to a consistency that can be eaten with a spoon and it is not only a treat, it is super filling as well.

*Disclaimer:  I am eligible to earn a commission through the Amazon links but will only post links for products I actually use.