I love good food and have always been a huge snacker.  I was fortunate that this wasn’t a problem when I was younger  and although I was careful about how much fat I ate,  I gave no thought to the amount of carbs I consumed and frequently joked that I never met a carb I didn’t like.  But eventually this carb addiciton led to  a lot of excess pounds.   I saw people lose weight by cutting the carbs but never thought I could do it because the typical low carb diet recommends the following:

  • Cook at home
  • Eliminate caffeine
  • Eliminate bread & desserts
  • Eat more eggs & meat

Now for some people, that might sound pretty easy.  But for me, those were some serious negatives.  For one thing,  I HATE to cook.  I mean truly hate to cook; in fact, I loathe it.  I am the queen of take out or prepared foods from the local grocery.   I also love caffeine and am not sure how I would function without it, nor do I intend to find out.  And I was never really much of a meat eater.  I always liked meat, I just didn’t love it.  And I definitely didn’t love eggs.  Kinda dates back to college days…but we won’t go there:)

But despite all of that, I ultimately lost 25 pounds by eating less carbs and I have kept it off for two years.  So, I’ve decided to write about my journey and share with others what works for me.    I hope that by sharing, some other carb addict might be inspired and realize if I learned to control my carb intake and get to a healthier weight, anyone can.