Has anyone seen my glasses

We all get older.   No getting around it,  and it sure beats the alternative.  That said, one relatively new sign of aging truly gets on my last nerve.   The fact that I can no longer read without glasses which means I have to put them on every time I check out a label for the carb listing…or anything else for that matter.   Ugh…it is so hard to hide your age when you have to pull out the reading glasses not to mention the sheer inconvenience of it all.  I’ve resorted to cheap reading glasses by the dozen so that I have one on hand wherever I may wind up.  I see many celebrities wearing glasses, including Jennifer Aniston, and somehow they look so chic.  Right?  But I definitely don’t feel chic wearing them, so I forsee two options:

  • Monovision contact lenses
  • Eye surgery to correct Presbyopia

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to go with contact lenses due to allergies & dry eyes but both have improved so I’m going to give contacts a try.   By the way, if you’re considering these options, I found the website to be a great source of information.