Most weight loss programs will advise you to track what you eat.  I found this to be an absolute bore until I got an iPhone and downloaded the Lose It app.  There are other tracking apps such as Fitness Pal but I began with Lose It and now it’s second nature.  If I eat a food regularly, it will show up under the meal that it has been recorded under.  For instance, I frequently eat yogurt for breakfast so i just click on Breakfast, then click on the yogurt selection and add it to my daily count.  Easy peasy.  And most packaged foods have a bar code that I can scan and just add it to my food count that way.  If I prepare something at home using multiple ingredients (which is highly unusual – see About Me) then I can create a food or meal and add it in so that the next time it will come up in my choices.

Another benefit of this process is that knowing I will need to record every bite occasionally encourages me not to snack quite as often.  But truly, this has been huge.  I am not some exceptionally  disciplined person so I certainly don’t meet my calorie, carb, or fitness goals every day but seeing everything in black and white enables me to see trends, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement.  When I saw how many carbs were in many of the bread and potato items I was eating, I knew I needed to find substitutions.  Before I began tracking my carb count, I would guestimate and I soon learned that I was way off.  We manage what we track and once I became serious about losing the extra weight and started have some success, I quickly came to understand that not tracking something or underestimating or saying, “It doesn’t count if I’m standing up” was only cheating myself.  Tracking everything made me accountable, and that has made all of the difference.