Weight Loss

Lose It App

I have been a member of the Lose It community for over five years and I am still amazed that this food tracker is free, unless you subscribe to the Premium service.  I began tracking online at loseit.com but once I got my first iPhone, I began tracking what I ate with the LoseIt app.  I am able to scan a lot of the items that I buy which makes it super convenient to record what I eat.  For items that I cannot scan, I can search for that food or a similar item.  I can also search by Supermarket or Restaurant brands and can create a new food.

I have some friends that use My Fitness Pal but I started with Lose It because it automatically synced with my Fitbit. But even if you don’t wear a pedometer or have a smart phone, you can still track everything on your computer or in a journal.  In fact, I just gave my mom the Portage Daily Food Journal that I ordered through Amazon so that she can record what she eats the old fashioned way…with pen & paper.  You can find the nutritional content of just about anything by searching online but there is also a pocket size book that is up to date and convenient to carry with you when eating out.  I just ordered The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2016: Pocket-Size Edition from Amazon for my mom and we are pleased with the content.

 Some people might think it takes all of the joy out of eating to have to record everything but I tend to be a list maker so this plays right into that and is truly a habit now, like brushing my teeth or washing my hands. And I can remember being amazed at the amount of carbs in many of the foods I was eating on a daily basis such as fruits, baked chips, potatoes, and pasta.

Tracking what I eat helps me decide what I want to spend my carb allotment on and what I can just as easily do without.  I truly look at this lower carb diet not as deprivation but as  the decision to “make good choices” as Jamie Lee Curtis told her daughter in Freaky Friday:)

Do I always make good choices?   Hardly.  But I make them enough to maintain a comfortable size and weight for me.