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Low Carb Start

The start of my journey to eat less carbs began with my first visit to a primary care physician.  I had never had a primary physician before.  If I got sick, I would go to an urgent care center and I had an Ob/Gyn but that was it. However, times change and I needed a physical so I asked for referrals and lucked upon my current primary care doctor.  She is a gem.  My first appointment with her, I happened to casually mention that I had a rash on my face and a little swelling around my ear and she came over, studied me carefully, and said, “You’ve got Shingles”.  You could have knocked me over with a feather because I was a young person and I didn’t think young people got Shingles, but I was wrong.  Fortunately her quick and accurate diagnosis enabled me to begin early treatment and seriously diminished my symptoms.  It was during that visit and my first physical that I mentioned that I would love to lose some weight.  Her exact words were, “You know, if you just watch your carbs you won’t really need to worry about your weight.”  She shared some information and suggested I aim for 120 to 180 grams of carbs each day and sent me on my way.  And I continued to eat the way I always had.  But….I did start to pay attention to carbs and look for foods with fewer carbs and eventually I made up my mind to follow her recommendation.

Now, truth be told, I might still be trying to take off those extra pounds if I had only limited my carbs to 180 a day.  Everybody has to find what works for them and I am able to maintain my weight quite well and enjoy plenty of treats by keeping the carbs between 120 and 180.  But when I lost the weight I ate fewer than 120 grams a day.  The fewer I ate, the more weight I lost.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to eat very low carb long term, at least for me, but it is entirely possible for me to eat lower carbs.  So that’s what I do.