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Move More

I’ve never been an athlete or a gym rat but I have been a sucker for about every piece of home exercise equipment that was at least moderately priced.  My husband has joked that he gets his exercise moving my exercise equipment around.  But there is one little tool that has served me well that I do not want to be without.  And that is my Fitbit.  I have been wearing a fitbit since it first came out.  In fact, I’m still wearing one of the older models that I wear attached to my clothing so that only I see it.  I am thinking of upgrading soon to the armband just to see if there is any difference in the step count.

The Fitbit has definitely motivated me to move more in various ways including the User Challenge, earned calories and a personal step goal of 10,000 steps daily. The User Challenge is a challenge among users to see who can win.  This past Christmas, multiple family members received a Fitbit and we have been challenging each other to the Workweek Hustle. Earned calories is one of my favorite benefits.  I have my Fitbit app connected to my Lose It app and when I get to a certain step count each day, it subtracts calories from my daily calorie count.  This varies but generally I start to earn calories at around 8000 steps.  Which brings me to my personal step goal.  I strive for 10,000 steps per day.  In truth, I don’t achieve that often but at least striving for it increases my awareness and motivates me to take the stairs more, or park farther away, or do an extra load of laundry, and so on.  I’m a firm believer in incremental steps.  My whole transformation began that way.  A few more steps, a few less carbs, etc.  And the most important thing of all….the one take away….the #1 secret to any success I’ve had is that I have tracked every single thing I’ve done.  For over 5 years I’ve tracked my food and fitness and now, it’s second nature.