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New Atkins Products

Atkins has added a lot of new products to their line of ready to eat foods. There are Lift Protein Drinks with 20g of Protein and 1g of Carbs in Orange, Lemon, or Berry. There are also Lift Protein Bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and other flavors. The bars have 21g of protein and 5 net carb grams after deducting the 16g of fiber from the 26 total carb grams. The bars are good but my body does not tolerate that much added fiber at once so I will only eat half of a bar at a time. My favorite Atkins Bars are actually the ones in the Harvest Trail line.
The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar has 8g Protein and 13g of total carbs less 9g of fiber resulting in 4 net carb grams. So, not as much protein as the Lift bars but they remind me of the Kind bars which I also like.