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Pizza the low-carb way

One ingredient that’s popping up in a lot of low-carb recipes is cauliflower and cauliflower rice.  There are some yummy looking recipes using cauliflower rice for pizza crusts but I have not tried them yet.   However, I have had success using a tortilla wrap for my personal pizzas.  Tumaro’s has a Multi-Grain Low-in-Carb 60 calorie wrap that I brown on the stove and then add toppings and bake until the cheese melts.  The wrap has 11 carb grams and 7 grams of fiber so the net carb count is 4.  This was a huge find for me because I love pizza and it is a frequent Friday night dinner in our house.  I don’t handle deprivation very well, so I really needed a substitute and this works out great.  I happen to prefer thin crust pizza so the transition was easy. I just use the lowest carb pizza sauce I can find, add mozzarella chesse and some pepperoni and I’m good to go.  Dinner is done!