Weight Loss

Yogurt, my lifeline.

The one food item that has truly enabled me to maintain a lower carb diet is yogurt.  And not just any yogurt since most of the flavored yogurts have a lot of carbs.  I began eating greek yogurt since it has a lot more protein and would therefore stay with me longer.  And since I have a big sweet tooth, I added some splenda and blueberries to flavor it without increasing the carbs too much.  Then I discovered  Dannon Light and Fit and it truly changed my life.  I. Love. This. Stuff.

Light & Fit Greek - Strawberry

You can go to LightandFit.com and get a coupon and check out some of their products.  They have more greek yogurt flavors than those shown.  For example, my personal favorite is Boston Creme Pie.  Sometimes, I’ll even treat myself to the Greek Chocolate on Top which only adds 20 more calories and about 5 to 6 more carb grams.

This  yogurt would never cut it as a choice on a very low carb diet where you’re trying to limit carbs to less than 20 or so a day. But it fits in quite nicely with a lower carb diet aimed at fewer than 120 a day.  I have been eating this yogurt almost daily for two years and haven’t tired of it yet.  For me, it’s a treat.